Safety Program

World-class safety performance is paramount to Smith MEP. Our employees take all necessary measures to ensure that everyone returns home safely each day. We accomplish this by ensuring that all appropriate enabling and sustaining systems are in place through a culture-driven comprehensive Safety Program. Safety means more to us than just avoiding an incident or injury. No other consideration takes a higher priority than the health and safety of our workers, including the protection of the public and property. 

Our Supervisors and First Line Leaders manage the safety of their teams and take extensive measures to protect their teams. They are responsible for ensuring all employees are aware of the expectations for mitigating exposures and have the skills and tools to complete tasks without incident, injury or unmitigated risk. Smith MEP’s leadership is also responsible for creating a climate and culture where every employee and subcontractor has the training, tools and processes to demonstrate their commitment to work in ways that support our shared value for safety. They ensure compliance with all safety rules and regulations, set standards that go beyond compliance and demonstrate commitment. 

Smith MEP has an extensive and detailed Safety Program to establish compliance with the applicable regulations and provide the best safe practices to ensure the health of our employees. A copy of the Safety Program is available upon request. We also have an Injury Management Program that ensures that in the event employees are injured on the job, they are provided the best resources to rehabilitate themselves. Smith MEP does its best to provide meaningful temporary alternative work for injured employees. In addition, we make our best efforts to ensure injured employees receive the best medical care available.

2023 SMACNA Safety Awards Program
400K-500K manhours, 1st Place

California Plumbing Mechanical Contractors Association (CPMCA)
2023 Safety Star Award
250K-500K man hours category