Tajiguas Resource Recovery Facility
Gaviota, CA

About the Building

Tajiguas Resource Recovery Facility contains two facilities; the Anaerobic Digester Facility (ADF) and the Material Recovery Facility (MRF). The Anaerobic Digester Facility is a 78,985-square-foot facility that includes an associated energy facility and percolate storage tanks that would convert all organics recovered from the MSW and source separated organic waste into Bio-Gas and Digestate. The Material Recovery Facility is a 79,030-square-foot facility that processes municipal solid waste from communities currently served by the Tajiguas Landfill into three streams: Recyclables, Organics and Residue.

The ReSource Center is a facility like no other. The ReSource Center converts commercial and residential waste into resources by recovering recyclable materials, transforming organics into landscape nutrients, and creating renewable energy in the process. With this new technology, approximately 60% of additional waste from our trash cans is diverted from the landfill bringing our region's diversion rate above 85% while significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Project Details

Complete Date: 02/2021

Owner: County of Santa Barbara

Type: Plan/Spec

Architect: Gary W Madjedi, Architect

GC: Diani Building Corporation